Thanks to our experienced employees, our culture which is based on principles of reliability, flexibility and quality, we are able to offer our customers a complete range of agricultural commodities

Trust our diverse experience and when it comes to procurement, let us advise you for goods, production and quality, from cultivation to packaging and transportation of commodities, competently, personally and on time.

Alimeco is your long-standing partner for international trade in organic and conventional products.

How we differentiate

Personal service

  • Personal advice from competent, committed and flexible professionals
  • Contact with English, French, German, Spanish, Russian and Italian speaking staff

Product Sourcing

  • Our product range of food and feed commodities is already extensive but due to our large supplier network locally and globally, we are also able to source products on your request.

Highest food safety and organic certified raw materials

  • certified organic quality
  • Complete traceability of raw materials
  • highest quality standards through internal and external analyses

Product management

  • Dynamic import of agricultural products from specific producing countries
  • Our experienced logistics team is always able to offer the ideal transportation options for our products to the chosen location.
  • Effective logistics network, reliability and short delivery time


  • We operate with certified storage facilities to protect sensitive agricultural products.


Organic expertise

Throughout the past 20 years Alimeco as a procurement specialist using secure, sustainable and fair practices has been bringing together organic agriculture and food manufacturers / livestock farmers etc.

Our main objective is to procure organic raw materials – safely and reliably. Long-term, direct and fair cooperation with organic farmers regionally and worldwide is our main focus. With our certified cultivation partners, we ensure quality, safety and traceability in organic farming.


Customized logistics

90% of all logistics are arranged by us, so our suppliers and buyers don’t have to do anything. We make sure the products get to where you want them, with safety and on time!

Together with our partners, we work on the most efficient and reliable supply chains. For us, food safety is an important factor therefore, we make sure that all food product handling is based on food safety practices and international Standards. Furthermore, Big Bags, pallets and other necessary equipment for the handling and movement of commodities are used.


Certified Laboratories

The laboratories we partner with are testing laboratories that provide independent, reliable and impartial services in the fields of Food & Feed, covering the needs of the industry and the general public, contributing to public health and safety, in compliance with the respective standards of national and European Union legislation.

The services are consisted of chemical, microbiological and biological controls and sampling, in accordance with international standards, national and community legislation, accredited by various authorized bodies such as the ESYD, the Quality Scheme for food, and certified with ISO schemes for food & feed recognized by Gafta.

Below you can see some of the analyses that are performed.

  • Nutritional value
  • GMO Testing
  • Metals & Heavy Metals
  • Antibiotics
  • Vitamins
  • Perservatives
  • Pesticides Residues
  • Microbiological Parameters
  • Molecular Analysis
  • Varius contaminants
  • Mycotoxins


We are able to offer our customers a full range of agricultural products and services.